Friday, December 2, 2016

Photo Story

Eager members of the Shiloh Ranch Cowboy Church wait for Redmond's Starlight Parade and Christmas Tree Lighting to begin on Saturday, November 26 in Redmond, Oregon. The parade has become the town's new yearly Christmas tradition and is put on by the Redmond Chamber of Commerce. The theme for this years parade is "We Are Santa's Elves," and the whole community likes to get involved. After the parade, residents of Redmond follow Santa over to the Holiday Village Market and watch him light the community Christmas tree. 

Members of Redmond's community pile on to 6th St. and patiently await the start of the Starlight Parade. 

Central Oregon SXS employees make their way through the parade, leading the way for Santa. 

Sarah Russell tells Santa what she wants for Christmas after the tree lighting.
Fred Werneck played Santa this year and has been Santa for the Starlight Parade and Christmas Tree Lighting for the past 5 years. Santa's elf helper is played by Rick Miller for the first time this year.

Christine Danielson admiring an ornament on the Redmond community Christmas tree after Santa lit up the Holiday Market Village post parade. Christine has lived in Redmond for 3 years and enjoys coming to this community event every Christmas. "It's pretty cold this year, but it's a great event and it really gets the whole town in the Christmas spirit," said Christine. 

Monday, November 28, 2016

Week 10 Forum


  1. The best photo that I took this term was the overall shot of the Multnomah Volleyball team for the sports assignment.
  2. I this this picture stands out because it gives a good idea about what is going on during the game, and everyone in the shot is doing something and contributing to the play the team is making. It was a good overall shot of the team and kind of leads off the whole story.
  3. Players are looking in a way that we can see their faces. This picture is a true overall shot and we can tell what is happening or about to happen. We can also see the ball in the shot which was one of our goals for the assignment. I used the tools we have learned in order to position myself in the best way to get this overall shot.
  4. I have definitely gotten more comfortable with taking photos of people and it is easier for me to get up close with the subject and get a variety of shots. I also know how to better edit my photos now so that they look more interesting and intriguing. Cropping was a big thing that I learned more about and I was able to use that skill to better edit my photos with sports and with my hometown assignment. With my hometown assignment I had to be creative and step outside my comfort zone to get the portrait and mug shot.


      1- My first goal is that I want to take better quality photos with something that matters. Improving my photo taking ability would make me a better photographer in the long run and I think other people would be more interested in my photos as well.
      2- My second goal is to learn how to edit my photos and learn how to use photoshop or some other editing site. I did some editing in my high school class but I feel like it wasn't actually about how to make the photos more interesting to look at, but to add random things to them.
      3- My third goal would be to become more courageous about taking pictures of things and not be worried about how people will react to me taking pictures of them or of something.

      I think I did a good job at accomplishing my goals that I set for myself at the beginning of the term. Over the course of the term I did learn how to take better quality photos and have subjects that are important. My assignments with news or feature subjects helped me accomplish this goal. Those subjects made for interesting photos and they helped me get involved with what goes on at LB. I also for sure learned how to better edit my photos and do so through photoshop. I had no experience before this class with actually editing my photos, so it was helpful to gain some new tools for doing so. I think I also did a better job over the term of getting more courageous with my photography skills and not being afraid to get out there and actually take photos of people and ask questions and get names. I did this in many of my assignments by getting progressively closer throughout the term and not being afraid to ask people's names.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Week 9 Forum


  • I would definitely like to continue my career as a photojournalist because that is part of what I would like to do for a career. If I am going to continue, I would need to get my own camera for starters. I would also need to find some sort of internship or job at a magazine where I can start getting my photos published.
  • This term I learned a lot of new skills to take better photos. I learned to get closer to all my subjects, make sure to get names for everyone (even if you won't use them), faster shutter speed for sports, wait a little longer to get the better photo, etc. I would still like to improve on all of those things, especially getting closer to my subjects and not being afraid to get into the action.
  • I would like to get a better camera and start taking more photos in my free time. I think it would be helpful to make a portfolio with all of my best work if I want to get a job somewhere. If I want to make that happen, I need to start taking news related photos and put myself out there to get the best shots.

  1. I really enjoyed Matt Cohen's photos because I rodeo as well, and it is always interesting to me to see the amazing photos that the sport produces.
  2. Matt's photos are always captivating and they capture everyone's personality really well. I will always remember some of his crazy shots. They always leave an impression on you and you are left wanting to see more. He always gets right in the middle of the action and produces different shots each time he snaps his camera. He also gets pictures from all different angles, uses different lenses, and takes photos during all times of the day, so you always get a wide variety. I love all of his "under the brim" shots because it shows each cowboy or cowgirls personality and makes you giggle every time.
  3. I think it would be awesome to shoot sports because you never know what will happen, so I could do what he does and get right in the middle of the action. Sometimes being risky will get you the best shot. It would also be helpful to use many different lenses like Matt does to give me a wide arrangement of photos.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Sports Photos-- Week 8

Multnomah University Lion Marissa Rhodes, 13, sets the ball for Maile Kam, 23,
as she runs from the backcourt preparing to spike the ball in the first set 
against Northwest University at Multnomah University on November 5. 
The Lions lost the game in four sets. (20-25, 21-25, 25-19, and 20-25)

Maile Kam, 23, and Hannah Antal, 7, attempting to block a spike from a
Northwest University athlete. The lions were able to recover and win this point.

Rachel Woodcock, 3, and teammate Brittany Bowling, 10, awaiting a serve in 
attempts to make a late comeback during the fourth set.

Week 8 Forum


1. In my opinion, the single most important technological change or innovation in the history of photojournalism is the evolution of the camera itself. 

2. Without cameras, we wouldn't such a thing as photojournalism. I mean we might, but they would all be hand drawn or low quality photos. The evolution over the years has allowed us to take better photos that really tell a story and allow viewers to really experience what happened without being there. The technological advancements are incredible and things just keep getting better and better. We have things like the viewfinders that actually allow us to look at our photos after we have taken them, and different lenses to get the most out of the subject. 

3. I think the photographer Weegee stands above all others because he was a famous photographer who capitalized on the tabloid mentality. 

4. He had the ability to know what was going to happen and where and he would often be at the scene before the police to get the story first. He was the first photographer to use a police radio to get early tips about gangland shootings. He was very into his work and did what he needed to to to report the best news about crimes because he knew people were fascinated with the subject.


--I plan to shoot Dad's Weekend this weekend at OSU. I will be shooting before shots of people setting up and then during, and then after. I will go around Corvallis and see if I can get some behind the scenes stuff. 

  • Overall-- A big group of dads tailgating at the football game on Saturday, or a overall shot of dads arriving to the frats and sororities. 
  • Medium-- I would like to shoot a medium shot of the dads playing games with their kids or a specific event that I see going on. 
  • Closeup-- A good closeup I want to get is the initial reaction of when the dads first arrive and I get the hug or greeting.  

Monday, November 14, 2016

Week 7 Forum


1. -Summarizing the event in one photo is helpful because you might only be able to choose one photo and you want to be able to show what the main point of action was within that one photo. People should be able to tell the highlight of a sporting event through your one picture.
-Making the most of autofocus is important because it can help you take better photos. Autofocus refrains you form overdoing photos and making them blurry if you try to go too fast. It allows you to take more photos, at a faster rate, without having to make sure the camera is physically focused before you take each photo.

2. Photographers use these techniques to make their sports photography better because it allows them to take higher quality photos and really tell the story of the game through their camera. Making sure they have the right focus on their camera will allow their viewers to feel like they were at the event without actually being there.

3. I can use the tip about summarizing the event in one photo because it will allow me to tell a story through my best photo. It will make each picture I take more dramatic and people will be intrigued by the one I choose to publish. I think this skill is important to include in my photos so that I can get my main point across through one photo that summarizes the whole event.
I can use the tip about making the most of autofocus because I often overthink my work and don't let the autofocus on my phone or camera do its job.


1. My subject is a Multnomah University volleyball team during a game.
2. I have already shot my subject at Multnomah University in Portland, OR.
3. -Overall: Shot of the whole team or the overall gym during the game that includes everything.
-Medium: Shot of a player at peak action hitting the ball or serving.
-Closeup/detail: Shot of a player focusing before a play

Hometown Assignment- Week 7

The Forest Theater, owned by Robert Perkins, 
has been a landmark in Forest Grove, OR for close to 50 years. It is located right next to Pacific University, and attracts many families and college students. New movies are shown here often before the rest of America gets to see them. 

Local citizens of Verboort, OR gather for the 82nd Annual 
Verboort Sausage Fest at Visitation Catholic School on Nov. 5, 2016. People come from all over the Hillsboro area to enjoy the festivities. 

Bartender and server, Riley Shotts, pouring a drink at the McMenamins Grand Lodge in Forest Grove, OR. He has been working at the Grand Lodge for 3 years and enjoys meeting new people while working at McMenamins.


Riley Shotts